Etizolam is known for depression, categories as a medicine in few countries. It is used to treat insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks.

In term of its working, Etizolam slows down the brain which results in sedation or sleepiness. It also helps to stay calm and relax.

With its uses, there are some side effects too which need to be taken care before taking the pills. Short term memory loss will be the one side effect of Etizolam as well as it can be addictive. Few people use it as a sedation pills which causes sleepiness or drowsiness. med

Also it is important to avoid taking Etizolam with other medication or alcohol which can cause slows down the nervous system.

As per the experts, Etizolam is more stronger than Valium and more effective. It can be addictive and overdose can put health at risk.