In teenage life there are lots of things going on for example in school, relationships outdoors and much more so your emotions are not the same always. So we have idea on how to know your feelings are normal or have something problem. At such condition ask a few questions to yourself which are as follows,

  • Have you now stop the things you like or you do regularly for example playing cricket or basketball, dancing or going to track?
  • Or else you have switched yourself from one game to another because you like that better but are you changing yourself as nothing seems to have fun as previously used to?
  • Do you ever fell guilty or anxious as if there is something wrong with you?
  • Do you ever think that it might be better if you were not around anymore?
  • When your near ones or friends wan to go to hang out or else anywhere to chill out, do you say No to them just because you don’t feel like doing so?
  • Do you ever fight a lot with your parents?
  • DO you feel tired a lot but at same time having trouble going to sleep?
  • Do things annoy you for no reason?

If your answer to the above question is yes then you may be depressed. In such condition you may need help. You need to figure out what’s wrong with you and now what to do about it. Now resolve this problem talk with your doctor, expert or to anyone whom you trust.

What actually depression is?
Sometime, you may say I am not depressed or I don’t feel sad all the time. But depression is not just about feeling sad. It’s a mood disorder as it can affect your mood in all kinds and ways.

Some peoples or individual feels sad and always cry a lot. And others are grumpy and always feel as they really hate the world.

There are lots of medication available in market for Depression. But before having it consult your doctor and then only take. This is a prescription medicines so better get prescribed and get proper advice from your doctor before having this medication.