• The website allows you to buy pharmaceutical products online from various third-party pharmacies and manufacturers (“Third Party Pharmacies”)
  • Diagnostic services offered by third-party diagnostic centers (“Third Party Labs”)
  • Online medical consultation services/second opinions being offered by third-party independent doctors (“Medical Experts”)
  • Online advertisements by various sponsors marketing and advertising their goods and services (“Third Party Advertisers”)
  • Diagnostic services offered by the Company’s laboratories (“Company Labs”) Collectively, the Third Party Pharmacies (also Third Party Labs), Third Party Advertisers (also Third Party Experts) are referred to collectively as “Third Party Service Providers”.
  • The Website is also a platform that provides information about health and wellness (“Information Services”) for users who access it. (The services provided by Third Party Services Providers, diagnostic services offered at Company Labs and Information Services are collectively called the “Services”.


All the products on this website have been delivered by licensed and verified pharmacy distributors. Some of the products listed may cause side effects. It is recommended that you consult a licensed practitioner or doctor before using any of these products. This website’s sole purpose is to generate leads. We do not claim to be an online pharmacy.

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